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Cameron promises the "good life" for working people at manifesto launch 

If you want to buy your own home; if you’re raising a family and need help with childcare, we are there for you #VoteConservative

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Every single step we took - all opposed by the Labour Party. And they would do it all over again. Let's #SecureTheRecovery

Everywhere you go, you always take your lectern with you #MeAndMyLectern 

Sir John Major: "This turn-around has been achieved through the teeth of Labour’s opposition."

"Three days to go. Twenty-three more seats to win. Let's get out there and do it." @David Cameron's speech in Bath

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More jobs, more apprenticeships, more of your own money in your pocket - all key to our plan for the next 5 years

"We’ve come a long way together in five years." Read and share this important article by @George_Osborne

PM: The SNP would act as "the chain to Labour's wrecking ball". Read more - #ChallengersDebate 

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