From rhetoric to product

Since 2010 we've been stuck with the austerity narrative - the idea that austerity is an economic necessity and not a political choice. In the lead up to the general election on the 7th May, the story is no longer fit for purpose and has shifted accordingly. Now, we are told, austerity has worked and we just need to finish the job.

Despite an increasingly pluralist political landscape, the mainstream economic agenda continues to be set by the ruling coalition government. With this in mind I am charting the changing austerity narrative in the lead up to the election through the @Conservatives twitter feed. The rhetoric will be analysed on a week-by-week basis for 12 weeks (6 weeks in the lead up to the election and 6 weeks of aftermath). In response to the rhetoric of the week I will be designing and producing a high-end product - exploring notions of value and commerce implicit in austerity.

Current rhetorical devices include repetition, metaphors, euphemisms, binaries and fictional character. I'll be blogging each week with my rhetoric findings, stats and design drafts. This is very much a work in progress so please get in touch @laura___gordon if you're interested in the project!